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If you’re having suicidal thoughts, thinking about hurting yourself, or are concerned that someone you know may be in danger of hurting himself or herself, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline to talk to a skilled, trained mental health practisioner. This e-counseling consultation is not a substitute for diagnosis of suicidality, depression, alcohol problems or other mental illnesses.

Why e-Counseling?

Each problem has a solution.
Understanding the problem is one of the crucial steps. Many a times I have seen a small problem often gets ignored until it stalls our complete activity.

1) Why mostly people hesitate to take Counselling?
Often people have a feeling that those who take counseling has mental problem. Well this is not correct. Taking advice from anyone could be considered as counseling.

2)Why counseling is important?
Prevention is always better than cure, that too when the advice comes from an expert. We need to understand certain basics here- Our mind and physical body are connected.
For eg, if you are having a headache you may not be able to enjoy a music, though you love music. Here the physical body which is unwell affects our mind.

On the other hand if you are upset today hearing a bad news, you may avoid a party today because your mind which is down affect the body. In simple words lack of sleep or oversleep, lack of appetite or over appetite if existing over a large period of time may lead to emotional and physical challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions

Since i am a practising counselor,mentor and a soft skill trainer since 2010 my role is to be a guiding voice for the disturbed minds. After giving them undivided attention we provide the client valid inputs to come out of their imprisoned mind.

We will advice them to meet a Psychiatrist (with their contact number) on priority and start medication since the scope of counseling is very limited in such cases. However we will be happy to provide them words of comfort and show them ray of hope. Top priority will be to direct them or convince them in meeting a Psychiatrist.

1.With the onset of the pandemic, job losses, salary cuts, job insecurity has mostly touched the roof.
2.Even for students their screen time (watching mobile, laptops, Computers) have increased substantially since their physical class room sessions are now online. After the classes mostly they spend more time on social websites, gaming etc.
3.Staying awake late into the night and getting up late is again another unhealthy habit which is catching up.
4.Exercise in general has dropped because of the lock down and people are more confined to their digital gadgets.
5.The social engagements like visiting friends, social outing like malls, cinema halls, restaurants aren’t there.
6.Added to this many people have misconception that meeting a psychologist is a sign of mental problem. Well, this is not true. Many a time just ventilating a problem itself could bring a great relief. A professional advice can bring huge difference

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