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Recently, happened to hear the powerful JOSH talk of an Army Officer. Don’t sweat the small stuff, life is much bigger & we have many challenges waiting in life. Hence just ignore the unimportant or useless things. That was his 1st message. Was really moved by this message & his presentation was very impressive.

After a tiring day’s work, back home I was packing my hubby’s travel bag since he was out of station for the next 2 days. Both my girl darlings were busy studying without bothering both of us. Felt contended at our up-bringing …such an understanding children.

My happiness didn’t last forever.

Mostly while going for morning walk, we used to see the fight of stray dogs. They will make so much noise and will leave the place once they become tired. My two angels got transformed into devils in no time, with some lame issue happened in the school bus and started throwing voice balls at each other. Normally I try to ignore it initially and somehow get dragged into the fight. Just like the poor goat standing in the middle of fighting foxes, I will have to support one and will have to bear with the anger of the other.

At times my memory reminds me the meaning of my name…..

KSHAMA means Patience.

I still wonder how I could totally ignore their fight & could make myself busy packing my hubby’s luggage. The fight grew hotter but Kshama could maintain her calmness. Talking makes you tired especially when you are argumentative. I wonder How Arnab Goswamy would be feeling after signing off a days’ work. My two girls went exhausted & thus stopped their arguments. In another 5 minutes I saw them chatting & laughing.

Hey………..Don’t sweat the small stuff…….You have lot many things to do in Life.



  1. NarayananKutty says:

    Keep your name and hold your patience to set things right on its own. Good going.

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