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The Magic of being Happy

I was driving with my mom since I had to take her for physiotherapy. While driving my thoughts were wandering about my upcoming training projects, thinking about how to take my business to the next level and of course about the pending receivables too. At regular intervals my mom was asking me regarding her train ticket print-out since she is traveling to Bengaluru this weekend. I was giving her an “Automated Reply” that it will be arranged. In the next 10 minutes she asked me the same question in three different ways but being a seasoned professional my answers were the same. By that time we had almost reached the clinic wherein I understood this place even takes care of specially-abled children. I rang the calling bell once with barely any response. Since my mother’s appointment was up I slowly pushed the front door wherein it opened. I saw a small boy probably 5-6years of age with an attender who was guiding him to write. The boy was crying because he didn’t want to undergo the training. Just one glance at that situation, it rang a thousand bells in my brain. Though we all know about the under privileged in our society I think our memories are short lived.

Sorry guys!!! To cut the big story short an hour later while I was driving back with my mom, I gave undivided attention to her and I was grateful that I could spent time with her. Happiness is a very tricky stuff, it’s there within each one of us, we need to make the choice of being happy each moment. Ooooops!!! Ticket printout is still pending and my mom is traveling tomorrow.

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